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Adopt an existing Who for $75. This includes minor repaints to adjust the who to match your business.

Choose from the available Whos listed. After your adoption, there is a  $50 Annual fee (due the following year) which includes a label on your who with your business name and logo. This fee also includes annual maintance, cleaning, minor repair, storage, and installation. 

Does your who need a MINOR REPAINT? MAJOR REPAINT? Please specify below.

MINOR REPAINT (INCLUDED): $75  Inlcudes minor changes like hair color, eye color, minro clothing chages, etc. 

MAJOR REPAINT: $125  Inlcudes an overhaul. New outfit, expression, overall color changes etc. 

NOTE: If you choose Minor or Major repaint, you will be contacted for details. :) 

* Reserving Online includes a 3% Processing Fee. 

Adopt A Who

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