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Pardon our Progress!

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Work begins Aug. 25 on new downtown parking lot!

A new parking lot that will provide more than 70 new spaces for the convenience of downtown shoppers, diners and visitors is beginning to take shape starting Wednesday, August 25, 2021.


The Enterprise Department of Public Works will begin removal of existing concrete on the lot, which is located between Lee Street and Easy Street, behind the former Yancey Parker Men’s Store building. Buildings previously located on the privately-owned lot had been torn down several years ago and the lot had been vacant except for remaining slabs and ragged blocks of concrete or bricks.


Mayor William E. Cooper said the addition of the new parking lot came about because the council recognized the need for more designated parking in Downtown, which over the past few years has become a popular destination point for locals as well as visitors to the City of Progress.


Additional parking close to Main Street was seen as a need especially during special events with large attendance. Preliminary drawings indicate the lot will have a designated entry and an exit, and could have up to about 77 parking spots.


Cooper said he is grateful for the public-private partnership that is making the parking lot development possible.


Main Street Enterprise Director Cassidi Kendrick sees development of the unused lot as a continuing commitment to downtown revitalization. “Downtown merchants and I are grateful to the City for making the investment to add more parking to better serve customers and visitors,” she said.


In addition to providing more convenient parking, the lot will also contribute significantly to downtown in other ways. Both she and Mayor Cooper are pleased that the new landscaped lot will put previously vacant property to good use for the public. Because the lot is located on the south side of Lee Street, one of the primary entrances to downtown, Kendrick and the Mayor believe that drivers will have a much-improved introduction as they approach downtown.


The work is expected to take several weeks, but no surrounding streets will be closed during the work period.


Shannon Roberts, assistant director of Public Works, asked the public to use caution when driving through the area, especially on Edwards Street to the east of the lot, where work trucks will likely be entering and exiting the lot.

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