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Britney Parker

Parker Loan Team

Hi! I’m Britney Parker! My family and I moved to the Wiregrass 10 years ago and are in love with the area and community culture.


So what are some things you should know about me? Well I’m all about enjoying food! I do a show with my husband for fun called “Britney and Austin Drink A Beer”, and I’m obsessed with food experiences! Recently I did a tour of the Wiregrass trying every burger I could find! Give me a shout out if you hear about a really good burger or can’t miss food experience! Outside of Beer and Food, I have a passion for Paddle-Boarding or anything water related that I can do with my family.


One of the biggest ways we leave an impact on the local area is helping people buy homes! My Husband and I are a local mortgage team and our goal is to serve every potential homeowner like a member of our own family. To date we have helped nearly 800 local families get homes and that allows us to support our local community in more ways than one. In addition to creating happy homeowners, we take a large portion of our profits and give them back through sponsorships and donations to help our Wiregrass area charities and community organizations.


Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about me. I hope to raise a ton of money to help beautify our Downtown!

Britney Parker
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