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The Rawls Cotton Gin, owned by the founder of the Enterprise Mill, Jesse Perry Rawls, was built in 1910.  The cotton gin was in operation until 1925 and was strategically located near the railroad for ease of use when trading locally grown cotton. The cotton gin helped prepare what was once considered the premier crop in the area. It wasn't until after the Mexican boll weevil migrated into the area around 1915 that farmers understood the need to diversify. The proximity of the gin to the center of commerce along the railroad and to the Rawls Hotel allowed gin workers to get cotton transported quickly. It also gave locals a chance to "show off' the cotton crop they were so well known for. The cotton gin in and of itself was its own industry and a compliment to the rich agricultural legacy. This structure housed the tangible product of a farmer's handwork, and at the root of it all, was an example of how the local farmer was a vital link to the local business and economy. 

For many years, the cotton gin stood in ruins until 2018 when Enterprise native Dena Smith revived it and made it home to her successful business: Corks & Cattle. 

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