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The building located at 112 North Main Street is unique to our downtown because it has consistently served as a drug store for the past 112 years!

In 1910, J.O. Laney became a registered pharmacist and in 1911, he opened Laney Drugs. He eventually took on a partner and the name was changed to Laney-Hutchison. Max Warren bought out Hutchison and once again the name changed. This time to Laney-Warren. The final name change occurred when Albert Brown Bryars bought out Laney's interest and the drug store officially became Bryars-Warren Drug Company. In 1945, after being discharged from the U.S. Army at the end of the war, a young and dapper Douglas Rollins purchased an interest in the Bryars-Warren Drug Company. Doug Rollins was married to Nell Warren Rollins. In a 2002 Southeast Sun Article by Carole Brand, Miss Nell related a bit of the history of the drug store. "Women weren't allowed to join the men on Sundays, but I guess as children we could. Everyone walked to the railroad depot to get the Sunday newspaper and about 9 o'clock the men would come to the drug store. A.B. Bryars, the owner, would open the store on Sunday mornings for the men to have a social gathering place. The men talked, smoked cigars, and drank sodas. At precisely 9:45 a.m., Bryars would tell the men it was time to close up for Sunday School and they would all disperse to their separate churches". She went on to say "an old pot-bellied stove was in one corner of the store to keep everyone warm in the winter, and in the summer, long sliding doors in front were opened to catch any breeze of summer". After over 40 years, Mr. Rollins retired and turned the store over to his nephew Jim Rollins who had one-half interest. Eventually, Doug and Nell's daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Bob Cannon, purchased and became the sole owners. The Cannons worked diligently to maintain the historic atmosphere of Bryars-Warren Drug Company. Upon Mr. Cannon's retirement, Jeremy Willette became the new pharmacist/owner. Jeremy and his wife, Haley, have also worked hard to maintain and preserve the historic elements of the store. You will not find a more traditional, beautiful establishment than that of "The Corner Drug Store....on the corner of Main and Easy".

Today, Bryars-Warren Drug Co. still serves as Enterprise's local, hometown drug store. With a track record of excellence, their pharmacists treat each patient with care by offering free private consultations. The staff are known for their outstanding customer service and the business is a consistent sponsor of community activities and programs. Visit today for a private consultation or a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream!

112 North Main Street

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